Braintree developer has ‘Seascape at Weymouth’ condo plan

By Ed Baker

Residents in Weymouth Port Condominiums will have new neighbors if the planning board and the ZBA approves plans for a new six-story condominium building with 50 units.

DAI Property Management, a Braintree firm, has not submitted an application for Seascape at Weymouth to the planning department, but a description of the plan will be provided during an information meeting at the Whipple Senior Center, 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 12.

District 1 Councilor Rebecca Haugh said DAI has informed Weymouth Port Condominiums and East Bay Condominiums of its plans.

“It is much smaller than what is there,” Haugh said. “There is more than enough parking proposed. They are proposing 100 parking spots and are not trying to squeeze in as many parking lanes as they can. Traffic is a slight concern but it is not a ridiculous proposal.”

Seacape at Weymouth condo plan overview:

The six-story structure is proposed to be located next to Webb State Memorial Park and Weymouth Port Condominiums, according to David Iantosca, director and owner of DAI Property Management.

“It will be six stories and it will have one and two-bedroom units,” Iantosca said. “We have complied with all the zoning requirements. It is to be located outside the conservation buffer zones and we have a fully engineered plan for the site.”

Iantosca said a significant portion of land that borders the waterfront will remain undeveloped.

“We are trying to provide the site with an upscale and modern look that will be a compliment to the peninsular,” Iantosca said. “We feel it is a great project.”

Traffic assessment: A traffic study completed by Vanesse & Associates states the new condos would produce an additional vehicle every two minutes during peak travel hours, according to DAI Property management.

Projected tax revenues to Weymouth: A full valuation of Seascape at Weymouth will produce real estate tax revenues of over $300,000 annually for Weymouth, according to Connery Associates.

The town will also receive initial building permit fees of $125,000 in addition to motor vehicle excise taxes.

Weymouth is expected to receive over $250,000 in net tax revenue annually per year at full assessment, according to Connery Associates.

Environmental conditions: DAI Property Management states the use of the site for the proposed condos is consistent with a 2008 statement issued by URS Corporation on behalf of the Conoco Phillips Company, to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The statement reports that the site, which is occupied by Tern Harbor Marina, has no significant risks to human health, and safety as long as soil levels are not disturbed beyond a depth of three-feet.

A fertilizing company previously occupied the marina location prior to 1888 and until sometime after 1928.

The site was also part of a location for the former American Agricultural Chemical Company, a fertilizer firm that owned the parcel along with nearby land from 1861 until 1966.

URS reports manufacturing done by the fertilizer companies included the production of phosphate fertilizer with arsenic, lead, chromium, and PAH compounds.

Soil and groundwater investigation, along with corrective measures, were taken at the site from 2001-2007, according to URS.

The improvements included removing contaminated soil and placing rip rap or small boulders above soil that has contaminants.

“A historic release of lead and soil has been successfully remediated at the site,” states the URS summary. “An activity with use limitation has been implemented to assure and maintain a condition of no significant risk.”

Soil excavation beyond three feet is permissible provided that a health and safety plan are prepared by a licensed professional, according to the Class A-3 Response Action Outcome Statement.

Long term monitoring, inspections of the soil cap and parking lot asphalt are required, according to URS.

“These activities will be conducted by and on behalf of the Tern Harbor Marina,” stated URS.

DAI Project team: also includes the engineering firm CHA Consulting, Sheskey Architects, Ryan Associates, a landscape architect and Marinelli Law Office.